Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Free Music: This is for those interested in actually hearing some of the StormSound Cycle.

I’ve just finished putting together a 4-CD compilation of some of my experimental pieces. Called “Abstracts”, it includes nine of the StormSound pieces – some of these with the “live” instrumental parts played on top, some without. (All of the “StormSound” pieces are for “live” instrumental parts realizing graphic scores over prerecorded electronic material.) The longest of these is the hour-long “Spherics”.

I haven’t had “Abstracts” printed up yet. However, I’m offering a chance to hear a couple of tracks. Write to me at and I’ll send you two tracks. This is not a scam – I won’t try to steal any of your information.

The two pieces:

“Winds of the Sun”
This is a computer-processed drone improvisation. Over a synthesized drone, the pipe organ plays a fragment of “Amazing Grace”, slowed and overlapped to produce chords. The slower vibrations are a natural part of the sound, made in some cases by opening stops part way. The sound was computer-processed to emphasize the timbre. I then added another (faster) vibration – a birdcall slowed 1000 times. The result should suggest how the solar wind would sound, if we could hear it.

Excerpt from “Phase Transition / Convergence”
Though this sounds like an amiable bit of piano “noodling”, it is actually computer music. The piano plays two realizations of the same graphic score, a given series of pitches of a melody without meter. These are then multi-tracked by computer according to a strict mathematical time sequence (which will not be notable in this brief excerpt). This is not one of the “StormSound” pieces, though I use the same technique in the much longer and more developed “Song from Deep Silence”, the sixteenth piece in the Cycle and the beginning of its climax.

Hope you enjoy these!

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