Thursday, October 27, 2011

A (recent) review of the "StormSound" Cycle

This blog is "officially" retired, but I got this in my e-mail a couple of weeks ago and had to post it. It was from a teenager who'd attended the concert of the complete "StormSound" Cycle. I don't know why he sent it five months after the concert, but anyway, here it is.

Dear Mr. Scribner,

Thanks for the concert. I loved it! It was very ingenious, professional and epic! My mother, who has a low tolerance for microtonality and loud high pitched noises, even enjoyed it! I still remember the part of the concert I attended really well.

Attending the concert had a big impact on me. I learned so much, too. The concert taught me how to enjoy everyday sounds, and it cured me of my unconscious habit of tuning out birdsong. I heard this amazing combination of bird chirping and highway sounds that I would have missed, if it weren't you and your friends' concert. Thanks for demonstrating that there is so much more to microtonality than quartertones. Thanks for introducing me to experimental music.

That's why I play music (experimental or otherwise) -- for the listeners. Now, if only the record producers would take their heads out of the sand and promote the other ninety percent of the world's music that isn't mainstream...

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