Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updates, promos, and FREE STUFF!

Okay, okay – I’m not going commercial – or, well, hmmm…

First of all, here is a video concerning Nonsequitur, the organization that manages some of the concerts in the Chapel Performance Space (Good Shepherd Center) where the “StormSound” concert will be held. Actually the “StormSound” concert is under the “Wayward Music Series”, which is something of a spin-off from Nonsequitur, but here is the general idea. I only recently found the video…!

Now, on to the “StormSound” concert itself. One musician has cancelled (my fault -- I didn't give her the exact date of the concert... stupid, stupid!) but three more have signed on to the project, including all three of Hexafone. Their performance of SoundScrolls VI in the concert last month was amazing, so this should be too.

This is the first poster (there will be others) promoting the event. Readers, feel free to download it (click on it), print it, and pass it around or post it somewhere.

Also concerning promo for the concert: I’ll be playing around town (and out of town) here and there to drum up interest (or piano up interest, since I don’t play the drums…?). First of these will be at a new open mike at Woodland Park Presbyterian Church, this Friday (march 11) – sign up at 6:15, music starts at 7:00. I’ll be playing at a Composers’ Salon Concert too. More info on that later.

Now for the free stuff. I’ve posted a couple of tracks at They are downloadable (is that a word?) for free. One is an excerpt from the “StormSound” Cycle itself; it was recorded at the Jack Straw Composer Spotlight. I edited it slightly, mixing the prerecorded sound with the piano for a more optimal ambience. The other is part of SoundScrolls V; not actually part of the “StormSound” Cycle but related to it in several ways (the use of field recordings and the stacks of fifths on the piano, among others). If the link doesn't work, go to and type in “S. Eric Scribner” under “search” and it should take you to the right place. Hope you enjoy them!

(This posting is on 3/10/2011; 72 days until the first performance of the complete "StormSound" Cycle.)

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