Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Concert at the "Thumb", 10-14-2010

Just a reminder for those interested:


Location: Tim Noah’s Thumbnail Theater, 1211 4th Street, Snohomish, WA 98290. The concert will be in the small hall.

Time: 7:30 PM (it will run about 2 hours, including intermission)

Performers: Keith Eisebrey, Neal Meyer, Wayne Lovegrove, and me (S. Eric Scribner). I'll play one of the StormSound pieces ("Song from Deep Silence"); Wayne will play two solo guitar pieces and two duets with me; Keith and Neal will each play some solo piano; and Keith, Neal and I (as a "band") are doing four new seven-minute pieces that Keith and I made specifically for this concert. These are improvisations over prerecorded sound. (We're having a lively e-mail discussion about what to call such music; more on that in future postings.) I'm going to play not just the piano and piano strings for these pieces, but also the slab gongs, hammer dulcimer, Lao mountain harp, and rondolin; Keith also said that he'd see what instruments he should bring, so this should be a load of fun! (The instrumentation is billed as "piano, crywire, hammer dulcimer, acoustic and electric guitars, rondolin, electronics, homemades and contraptions".

Admission: $10.00

See you there!

(This posting is Oct. 13, 2010; 221 days until the first performance of the complete StormSound Cycle)

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